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Portfolio samples in template


  • jworth11 started the conversation

    I have recently purchased this theme.
    I can not find any sample services details or portfolio page that I can use.
    It is not good and very strange that the template does not have any template for all contents.
    Could you please provide some related portfolio samples that I can use and customise?

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    OrionThemes replied


    We are aware that we need to improve this. The portfolio was added in a later update and was not part of the initial theme, which is why there are no portfolio pages included. We are working hard to make portfolio pages part of the new demo with the next update. In the meantime, here is an in-depth tutorial on how to set it up and use it. You can build the single portfolio pages using the page builder.

    Let me know if any questions come up.

    Best regards,


  • jworth11 replied


    I am trying to use Google Map and it kept complaining API key however I can see the API key has been set already when I click on settings of the google Map plugin came with the theme.

    It suppose to be free access to Google Map widget.

    I needed to put it on Contact page but after I type Map Center field on the form, it suddenly updates and I can not edit it anymore.


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    OrionThemes replied

    For the Google Maps widget to work, it needs Google API access. You do not need to pay for the normal Google Maps API ussage, because Google gives enaugh monthly credits for normal usage. They only charge for extreme API usage cases (think Wolt or Airbnb). It just needs to be set properly on the Google Cloud Console. 

    When I open your contact site, I can see the following issue in the developer tools:


    Which means:
    The current URL loading the Maps JavaScript API has not been added to the list of allowed referrers. Please check the referrer settings of your API key in the Cloud Console. And add your url to the list. You can also use wildcards, so it will work anywhere on your domain, not only this exact url.

    You can start here: and click on the blue button...

    Let me know how it goes,


  • jworth11 replied

    It is asking for credit card to enable key, see attachment

    Attached files:  Screenshot 2024-07-12 at 11.23.24 PM.png

  • jworth11 replied

    When i click enable button....see attached... it takes set payment..

    You guys using a themeforest settled platform to create some useless.

    I never had this kind of unprepared theme from themeforest in last 5 plus years.

    Attached files:  Screenshot 2024-07-12 at 11.37.21 PM.png

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    OrionThemes replied

    The provider of Google Maps API is Google, not us.

    We don't have any influence over their terms or registration procedure for a Google API key and also not on the fact that they demand your credit card details which they later don't charge anyway as enaugh of free usage is provided. 

    You can use any other google maps widget, if you don't like the one provided by SiteOrigin. You can see alternatives here:

    I am sorry that you dislike the theme, if you want a refund, please fill out the form here:

  • jworth11 replied

    Hey mate !

    I have done following screenshot for you to check; please confirm, if all ok. Now I can go to the page and widget will start working?


  • jworth11 replied

    The website admin console for contact page has widget:


    But the website is kind of not showing map image: