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"whats-new" plugin has encountered an error and cannot be rendered.


  • Victor Rojo started the conversation


    I am running into two issues with the Recycle currently and wanted to see you could help my team resolve it.

    The first one is that whenever we add a custom accordion the page that it is placed on becomes uneditable.

    Here's what happens:

    1. I load the content for the FAQs section accordion
    2. I make edits and finish working on the section.
    3. When I click the "Save Draft" button, an error message appears related to the theme/plugin. 

    - ""whats-new" plugin has encountered an error and cannot be rendered

    Video attached here:

    I just looked at our blog post page and we are seeing the same message. Please let me know what you suggest.

    We Are Running the Recycle Theme v2.1 on WordPress v6.5.4, with the website being hosted on GoHighLevel.

    Attached files:  Screenshot 2024-06-20 at 9.58.36 AM.png

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    OrionThemes replied


    I am sorry to hear about the issues. The error message says that "whats-new" plugin is causing the issue. Do you have a plugin installed with that name? Does the issue resolve if you deactivate it?

    Please share an admin access to your staging WordPress installation and we'll check it out. 
    Kind regards,


  • Victor Rojo replied

    Dear Andrej,

    Upon checking our WordPress plugins, we confirmed that we don't have a separate "Whats-New" plugin installed. However, we suspect a similar feature might be part of one of the plugins included with the theme:

    Page Builder by SiteOrigin
    SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle
    SiteOrigin CSS

    While we'd love to explore this functionality further, we're hesitant to deactivate any of these plugins due to potential disruptions to other website functionalities.

    Therefore, we kindly request your assistance in clarifying whether any of the aforementioned plugins provided with the Orion Theme offer a "Whats-New" function or similar capabilities.

    We appreciate your time and look forward to your response.

    Thank you,

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    OrionThemes replied


    I don't think it is a part of any of the plugins mentioned. Neither is in the Recycle theme or Recycle plugin.
    Does this error dissapear if classic editor plugin is installed?

    There is also a setting in site origin page builder, to load pages with the classic interface. You might want to try that too (The error seems to appear on a block based editor).