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Import demo error


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    lasned started the conversation

    When importing the demo i get a error saying : An error occurred while fetching file from:!
    Reason: 403 - Forbidden.

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    OrionThemes replied


    I've tested it and it seems to work fine on my end. 
    It is not set as Forbidden on our server, where the demo import file is hosted.

    If you open this link ( ) in browser, does it get displayed in your browser?


    If it gets displayed, it means that you can access it freely. In which case, there might be some limitations in place on your hosting provider, or if you use WordFence (or any other security plugins), some setting might be blocking the traffic.
    However if it the link does not display in your browser, then let me know which country are you from, so I can check if our hosting provider started blocking traffic from your country. (this actually happened once, when they were fighting off a DDOS attacks and our hosting provider decided to block a whole country for short term).

    Kind regards,

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    lasned replied

    yes i can access the xml file via the link

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    lasned replied

    i used the xml file with manual import and it works, works fine