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Team Member TITLES "Links"


  • BCVC started the conversation

    What I would like to do is "clear" the linking action on the "titles" of each team member. This way it does not bring the user to a "department" page. For example: "/index.php/department/dentist/"

    I do not want this to be accessible. The page is not "Published" but will come up wherever the team members "Title" is clicked. I want these links to be turned off JUST for the "titles" of each team member.

    I hope that is pretty clear.


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    OrionThemes replied


    In this case, I would recommend using the "Small Team" widget (instead of the Team widget). It has the same styling, but it is not dependent on the Team post type. The titles in the Simple team don't need to link anywhere. 

    When you rebuild your content with the Small team widget, you can also disable the Team post type in theme options, so there will be no separate pages or departments on the front end.

    I hope this helps,


  • BCVC replied

    Hi Andrej,

    It does and it doesn't.
    I would like the image to link to the persons profile. But not the title-text which is linked to "departments" or "team- members" pages that I cannot edit. I tried the small teams idea, that is good, but the link still bring me to two pages that I cannot edit. They are also not part of my menu/navigation, but when someone is on a "team-members profile" they can then click "team" which bring them to the page I don't want displayed. I would like this to bring them to "who we are" instead of the un-editable pages titled "team-member".

    If I could edit the pages in the "Department or Specialization" That would be fine but it doesn't allow me to edit these invisible pages anywhere.

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    OrionThemes replied


    There are two different approaches for building the team pages and both have its advantages and drawbacks. But you can actually achieve what you want with both of them. 

    1) Small team
    Small Team image can have a link to a custom build page.
    Using normal pages and page builder, you can create a very similar design to the team-member pages.
    Small team offers more possibilities (like exact order of team members in widget, etc...) but less organization. 
    If you choose this route, you only need to create a dentist page with a page builder, which you can later duplicate and edit for each of the personnel. You can manually link team members in Small team to their pages.

    2) The Team widget and Team member post type
    The team as a custom WordPress post type uses the benefit of WordPress organization and WordPress category/index pages. Departments are like category pages in posts and the team-members page is similar to a blog page. 

    If you choose to use the post type, then you can do the following:

    - Create a 301 redirect for the "team-member" and redirect it to the "who we are" page
    - Disable linking on departments with CSS:

    /* Make departments not clickable in team members widget */
    .team-members .departments > a {
        pointer-events: none;

    Kind regards,