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Slider Rev. Problem


  • Hakan started the conversation


    With latest Dentalia 2.2 Theme we have encounter slider problem.

    On the first site load, only the left half of the slider loads. The other part remains blank. When you move around the page a little, go up and down, the slide takes up the full screen. Sometimes its not.

    This problem did not exist in the previous dentalia version.


    Your version of WordPress (6.0.1) is up to dateYour site is running the current version of PHP (7.4.30)

    Dentalia 2.2 all dentalia plugins updated.

    Slider REV Version 6.5.7

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    OrionThemes replied


    We know about this issue which is coused by the new version of Slider Revolution.  Luckily there is an easy fix, which we already applied in the newest demo import files. But if you have been using Dentalia for a longer time, you'll need to apply these changes yourself.

    1. First go to Slider Revolution Settings and change the Layout of the slider to Fullwidth.


    2. After this you'll need to change the layout of the page builder row to Standard. This is the row where you have your slider placed.


    These two changes should fix the issue with the Slider not showing correctly.

    Now you'll notice that the section separator (arrow on the bottom) is not stretched. This is because the row is set to standard. If you want to keep it, then I suggest adding it to the top of your next row (right after the slider) and removing the separator from the row where the slider is.

    I hope this makes sense.

    Kind regards,