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Google Map Compliance


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    whistlermedia started the conversation

    I was notified by the Google Compliance team the other day regarding the Google map on one of our websites. 

    I'm not quite understanding why they are bringing this up now since the site has been live for years. In the Dentalia UI, there isn't an option to have the logo show up on the map. I use this theme on multiple websites and I'm trying to get ahead of any more Google communications. 

    Does anyone have a solution for this or has run into this issue?

    Below is what they sent me:

    Dear Developer,

    We are happy to see developers using the Google Maps Platform Service. However, we have detected that your application, {}, does not fully comply with the Google Maps Platform Terms of Service.

    In particular, your application violates Section 3.2.2(b) of the terms, which requires developers to “display all attribution that (i) Google provides through the Services (including branding, logos, and copyright and trademark notices); or (ii) is specified in the Maps Service Specific Terms.” In addition, developers are not allowed to “modify, obscure, or delete such attribution.”

    Please update your application so that the [ Google logo ] on the map displayed in your application is clearly visible as required by the terms of service.

    We are bringing this to your attention so that this issue can be corrected and your application can be compliant with the Google Maps Platform Terms of Service. If this issue is not corrected, we will take action to restrict your access to the Google Maps API services.

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    whistlermedia replied

    I may have just taken care of the issue. Following up with Google to make sure it's all good now, but I just had to remove the Arrow separator at the bottom of the map container. Now the Google logo is showing. I'll update once I receive a response from the compliance team.

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    OrionThemes replied

    Thank you for your report.

    It is the first time for me to hear that Google complience team contacted anyone for this reason. It is good that they contacted you before restricting your account.

    I am glad you shared this and most important, found a solution for it.

    If you need any help from us, let us know.

    Kind regards,


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    whistlermedia replied

    You're welcome and thank you too.