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Missing Widgets After Update


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    ((( I fixed the issue below as I was typing the message but wanted you to be aware of what happened in case anything needs to be improved in the documentation )))

    I installed the Recycle Theme back in 2017. I just updated to the latest version of WordPress and noticed the progress bars on the home page were no longer working. I renewed support through ThemeForest and updated the theme and child theme files following the "Updating Your Theme" instructions at the bottom of the page here: - #5 in the instructions didn't seem to be accurate as I could not find "Theme Options>Header & Menu". I went to the home page of the site and see the blocks under the main image were missing, as is the progress bar that used to be on the right side of the text. In the backend I clicked on "Theme Options>Header" but did not find "Header Type". I changed the "Header Layout", saved it, then changed it back and saved it again but that didn't seem to make any difference.

    I re-read the documentation and on #4 where it reads "There should be a notification about an available update inside your WordPress dashboard." - I never saw any notification so I went to the plugins and clicked on "Check for Updates" - it said that is was current. So I began submitting this ticket, but as I was typing it I was going back and forth to be sure I got all the information of what I did so far. I was still wondering about the Recycle plugin update so I went into the files I downloaded to compare the plugin version of the download to what was installed. I didn't find the version on the downloaded files. I then went into the server and changed the name of the plugin file to "recycle-plugin1" and then in the backend of the site in Plugins>Add New I uploaded the from the download, activated the plugin, and everything was working. I also got a message to go to "Theme Options>General>Compatibility to "Rebuild Theme Options" which I did just to be sure.

    Anyway, I'm not sure if this is an issue with the documentation or the theme/plugin but thought I would pass it along in hopes it of it being some sort of help.

    Love the theme! The site won an award (see it at the bottom of the site)

    Again, the problem is FIXED! :)

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    OrionThemes replied


    I am sorry for the issues with update. I am glad they are resolved and thank you for your feedback. 

    Early versions of the Recycle theme had theme options in the Theme, but then Envato changed their Theme review policy and we had to move the theme options to the plugin. (Theme Options became plugin teritory) This caused quite a bit of trouble with updating. We had to avoid the situation, where someone would have older theme and newer plugin - which would duplicate the theme options (and trigger php error). So what we did, we moved the location of the new plugin and make update available only if the new theme version was installed. I think this change appeared in 1.5 version, if I remember correctly (2017). At the time we tested the update procedure multiple times and it worked well.

    We had to update the theme options again in the 2.0 release with a similar scenario (different plugin location and update only possible with the new theme version). We tested the update procedure and it also worked well. However the direct update from versions older than 1.5 to 2.x version directly wasn't tested, which was a mistake we made. I am guessing the issue appears only in this scenario.

    For anyone else experiencing similar issue and reading this ticket, the solution is quite easy:  
    1. Delete the old plugin. 
    2. A notification will appear, asking to install the latest plugin version.

    Kind regards,