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    Hi there,

    theme in not working on mobile for me



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    OrionThemes replied

    Hi Seamus,
    I checked your site on my mobile and I can confirm the issue.

    The site displays fine on desktops even if the browser width is reduced to mobile size. But mobile devices get a different version of the website for some reasons. I suspect, that it isn't the theme causing this, but a  caching plugin which is modifying the output CSS.

    I noticed that you are using the LiteSpeed Cache plugin. The plugin might be the source of the problem. Here is what i suggest:
    1. Check if you have Cache Mobile set to ON in LiteSpeed Cache > Settings > Cache? If so, you don’t need to cache a separate mobile view. Set it to OFF, purge all cache and see if the problem resolves itself.
    2. If the #1. doesn't help, temporary disable the LiteSpeed Cache plugin and check if the problem resolves itself. This way we will be able to know if the plugin is to blame or the problem lies elsewhere.

    In case nothing above helps, please share your WordPress username and password (in a private reply), so I can log in and check what is going on.
    Kind regards,


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