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Change the heading tag


  • calyweb started the conversation


    I want to change the heading of two so_widget titles : Featured Pages and Icon With text. It's displaying an H4 for Features pages and an H5 for Icon with text, but on my website they come directly after an H2 so it's not nice for SEO. I tried to change the heading directly to H3 on the folder of the main theme but it does not change anything...

    Can you help me to do this with my child theme ? Many thanks !

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    OrionThemes replied


    Changing headings might cause styling issues, so you will probably need to write some additional CSS to fix it. And I don't think there will be much impact on SEO. Personally I would advice against changing this.

    But if you are decided to change the headings, and want to do it on your own risk, here is how it can be done:

    There are two Recycle-plugin files you will need to change.

    • /recycle-plugin/widgets/so-widgets/orion-icon-text-w/tpl/orion_icon_text_w-template.php
    • /recycle-plugin/widgets/so-widgets/orion-featured-pages/tpl/orion_featured_pages-template.php

    Open them in your favorite text editor then just search and replace all instances of "h4" with "h3". 
    After saving, the changes should already be visible.

    I hope this helps.