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    Hi there,

    Just want to say you guys have done a great job with this theme. I am not an experience website builder, but this has been fun.

    The problems I have are the following:

    1- I followed the directions you have provided on other post about adding the social icons, but when I turn on the right side of the bar I get a funny menu on the left, see photo below.

    2- I can't seem to make the book appointment button to redirect to the contact form and it gives me a weird menu, see photo below.

    3- when I try to enter the customize page nothing loads

    Looking forward to your help. 

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    OrionThemes replied


    Thank you. I am glad you like the theme.
    I'll try to answer your questions, but for some, I would need to be able to login into your site, to check the exact settings.

    1 Top bar
    Top bar has two widget areas, one on the left side and one on the right site.
    On the screenshot, It seems like there is too many widgets in the left top bar widget area.
    In WordPress dashboard click on the Appearance -> Widgets and check the content of Top-bar-left widget area. If you want just social icons in the top bar, remove all widgets from the Top-bar-left.

    2. Link to contact
    Currently it links to https://caygeondentureclinic.ca/dentalia-zip-4/ and this page does not exist.
    The contact page is on this url: https://caygeondentureclinic.ca/contact/ To edit the link change the Destination URL field:
    You can just write /contact  and it should redirect to the contact page.


    3. Customize button
    Not sure if I understand this correctly.
    If you are asking about the Customize dashboard button, it should work in general. I would need to login and test this issue on your site, to know more.

    If you need further help with the Customize button issue, please let me know an admin username and password (in a private reply), and let me know how the error can be reproduced.

    Kind regards and happy new year!

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    OrionThemes replied


    These errors don't seem to be caused by the theme. a WordPress file update-core.php has errors and does not seem to be the same as the one which comes with original WordPress installation. To test this, you can switch to any other theme and see if the errors still appear.

    It is not easy to give hosting recommendations, because I don't have experiences with all of them. And lot of articles on the web are there just for the sole reason that visitors click on their affiliate links...

    It is simpler for me to tell you which I don't recommend. Judging on the support we provide, most problems appear on Godaddy and Hostgator. But please note, that there are plenty of Godaddy and Hostgator users, who do not experience any problems at all.

    WordPress suggests Bluehost, Dreamhost and SiteGround: https://wordpress.org/hosting/

    I think this are all good choices,  however Bluehost is not as good as it was. It was great couple of years ago . Then, after it was acquired by EIG, it slowly got worse. I recommend against any hosting which is owned by EIG really. But Dreamhost and SiteGround are both solid choices.

    There are many more decent hosting providers. A2hosting is one of them. You also might want to check the Flywheel. Which got popular by its "Local by Flywheel" software that makes it easy to create a WordPress installation on your PC, then you can just push it live, when ready and it will migrate it to your live domain.

    Hosting providers offer many different hosting plans. You do not need "WordPress Hosting" or "Managed Hosting" options. A standard hosting will do.  Since WordPress updates automatically by default, there is not much to manage anyways. Mostly every hosting provider these days has a control panel with "one click WordPress installation" option, which installs everything automatically. 

    I hope this helps,


  • caygeondenture103 replied

    Hey Andrej,

    I am having a hard time to find where I can add the H1 heading to the Homepage, about page, contact page, and so on, may you please guide me ?

    Also I am having trouble with my google maps API, I get this message:

    Sorry! Something went wrong.
    This page didn't load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.

    It was working not long ago and now its gone wonky.

    Hopefully you can help me with both problems.

    Thank you


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    OrionThemes replied

    Hi Fernando,

    1. Headings

    On each page edit screen, you can choose to display the page title:


    First make sure, the "Hide page title" option is not checked. Additionally you can add a background image to it, set text color and choose a layout (Classic, Centered, Left). You can set the defaults for each of the three layouts in Theme options and adjust the typography, size, add default bg image, etc:


    Make sure the "Display heading on Classic page titles?" option is checked for the desired layout in theme options, if not, it will only display breadcrumbs:

    2. Google maps
    In the browser console, I see the RefererNotAllowedMapError error:


    The current URL loading the Maps JavaScript API has not been added to the list of allowed referrers. Please check the referrer settings of your API key in the Google Cloud Platform Console.

    In the Google Cloud console, your website URL needs to be permitted to use the Google API. Here is a working example of API restrictions for our website: 


    You can use * as wildcard as the example above, to include all urls on your domain. So you can add your url like this: *.caygeondentureclinic.ca/*

    Let me know, how it goes.

  • caygeondenture103 replied

    It took me a while to figure out the Google map problem, but just fixed it today. Plus I did not know you had replied until today. Thanks for the information. Will try the Heading information you gave me tomorrow.

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    OrionThemes replied


    I am glad you figured out the map.
    We almost always reply within 24 hours. The mail is supposed to be sent automatically to the office@caygeondentureclinic.ca, when we reply. Sorry you didn't see the message sooner.
    Let me know If you have any further questions.
    Kind regards,