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Opening Hours Widget


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    butadesign started the conversation

    Hi there,
    I need to change the week days' names to the language of my country. How can I do it?
    About the contact phone number, how do I make sure that by mobile clicking on the phone number or icon can automatically call? Thank you very much.

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    OrionThemes replied


    1. Opening hours

    You can translate any theme strings (including weekdays) with a translation plugin, like the free Loco translate plugin. Check this tutorial for details. 
    Another solution for weekdays is to override them on a widget directly. Edit the Opening hours widget and add translations under the "translations" tab:


    2. Phone:

    When you add a link for the phone it must look like tel:555-555-5555 instead of http://somedomain.com this is true for the buttons also. 

    Let me know if this solves the issue, or if you have any further questions.

    Kidnd regards,


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    butadesign replied

    Perfect as usual Andrej, thanx!