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how to customise header


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    Taryn Casey started the conversation


    I am trying to customise the header as follows (but cannot figure out how to do this). Can you tell me where i can customise pls so that?

    - Logo in centre of heading

    - social media icons left side

    - Call to Action on right

    - Nav menu below full width

    (see layout design attached)

    Thank you!


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    OrionThemes replied

    Hi Taryn,

    Dentalia comes with two different header types. Sadly none of them matches desired layout. 

    However It is possible to create such layout by modifying one of existing template files and some custom CSS. To customize it, some PHP, HTML and CSS knowledge is required. 

    Here is the procedure I recommend:

    1. First you will need to install and activate a child theme (you can find an example child theme attached). 

    2. In theme options select the second header : 


    3. Then copy the file \templates\header\header-widgetsfluid.php from dentalia into child theme and keep the path to the file the same. Any change you make to this file will be visible in the front end. And later you will still be able to update Dentalia as all the header customization will be safe in the child theme. 

    Basically you will need to add additional section before the site-branding part in line 94. Then style it appropriately with CSS.

    I hope this helps.
    Kind regards,

    Attached files:  dentalia-child-theme.zip