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Question/Feature Request for Tabs


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    jmelldog started the conversation

    I am using the Tabs widget for a large amount of info, and I am wondering if there is a way you know to do sub tabs of any form. Even just shifting the cells of the sub menu to the right would suffice. 

    Having a sub tab option would be amazing! Thank you 

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    OrionThemes replied

    Sadly there is no such option.
    If you want you can style it with css. The only way to target a specific tab is by counting the order.

    You could do something like this example:

    .page-id-1046 .nav-stacked > li:nth-child(12) > a, 
    .page-id-1046 .nav-stacked > li:nth-child(13) > a {
    padding-left: 40px;
    background: #ccc;

    This will modify the style of 12th and 13th tab (on this page only).
    Kind regards,


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    jmelldog replied

    Thank you I managed to achieve it using that code. Thanks for your help!