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Contact Form 7 Not Working


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    Contact Form 7 not working, I get an error message when trying to submit form, says "There was an error trying to send your message. Please try again later."

    It was working before, not sure when it stopped or why. I tried using Ninja Form on the page to test and it worked just fine, so not sure why it's just Contact Form 7.

    I tried deactivating plugins to troubleshoot, but still didn't work.

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    OrionThemes replied


    I've tested the contact form and can confirm this issue. 
    I noticed the errors in web-console, which might be connected to the issue:


    The first one is referring to recaptcha API, the second one to grecaptcha and the last one is caused by facebook connect. 

    I am guessing there is a compatibility conflict or miss-configuration of one of the plugins which cause those errors. Most probably the issue is with a recaptcha plugin. To confirm this, you can temporarily disable the plugin and see if the form messages get send. If you can find which plugin is causing this, check if there are any plugin settings which need to be set, (ie: you might need to enter an API key of some sort,...).

    If you need additional help with it, I can log in and check, I just need a working username and password to login.

    Kind regards,

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