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Hosting Recommendation


  • hlahodny started the conversation

    Hi there, 

    I am about to begin setting up Dentalia on a new website. Do you have a recommendation for a hosting platform/package that runs best with this theme? I previously installed it for another site but it ran a little slow due to my hosting package. 

    Thanks in advance for your assistance! 


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    OrionThemes replied

    Hi Hannah,

    If you are looking at traditional hosting, here is a short list of good hosting providers:

    - SiteGround 

    - Dreamhost  

    - WPEngine 

    - Kinsta

    Most on this list will do the migration for you and make sure everything is up and running, if you ask them to. 

    More Alternatives: 
    I personally had good experience with Digital Ocean. The performance is great and you can customize the server as much as needed, also inexpensive. However setting up the server (and maintenance) requires a techical sawy person and it might not be for everyone. There are two similar hosting providers: Vultr and Linode, both of them have good reviews too. 

    If you need a server just for WordPress, then you can even go for Flywheel. Together with Local - their localhost server app it is a great combo. It enables you to build a site on your computer, then just push it to the live site when ready. and it is extremly easy to use.

    Not recommended:
    Goddady hosting - too many issues and slow servers. Godaddy is only good for domains.
    Also I would vote against any EIG owned hosting (list can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Endurance_International_Group). Practicly every company they purchased, drasticly lovered the quality of their service in terms of server speed and support quality.

    Please know, that this list is very subjective. I haven't really tested all of them. Also there are also many other great hosting providers out there, which are not on the list. 

    I hope this helps,