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Before/After Sliders Not Showing Up


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    kghorbani started the conversation

    I am not sure what happened because it was working properly, I just checked our site and noticed that the before and pictures are not showing up on the page. 


    Nothing major was changed, we went to go put a new before & After picture using the Orion Themes Before After Slider widget in the builder.

    I noticed even on the template page that is part of the theme it is not working either.


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    OrionThemes replied
    Hi, I noticed a javascript error in the console:


    It refers to lazySizes variable, which is not a part of Dentalia theme codebase, it must be part of some plugin. After such error occurs, any scripts which should be loaded afterwards, are simply not loaded (like  before-after slider) and the functionality can't work.

    I believe the error is caused by a javascript optimisation conflict with a plugin which uses lazySizes variable.

    Disabling plugins one by one can help you pinpoint which plugins are in conflict:
    Try to temporarily deactivate autooptimize and any other optimization plugins you use and see if it starts working again. Or at least disable any javascript optimization features.
    Then you can disable any lazy loading plugin (I am guessing by the LazySizes variable name), which you might be using. 

    Please keep me updated about the issue and let me know if this was of any help.

    Kind regards,

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    kghorbani replied

    Thank you very much. It was part of Smush Pro Lazy Load feature that is built in. I have disabled it for now and it is working properly. 

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    OrionThemes replied

    Great. Glad to hear it.

    You are not the only one experiencing this.
    There are couple of issue reports like
    here: https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/smush-pro-lazy-loading-not-working 
    and here: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/lazy-load-conflict-with-smush-pro/

    No solution published, though.
    Kind regards,