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Team Members Widget


  • gustavo150 started the conversation

    The Team Members Widget allows you to link to the specific page of the team member.
    Is it possible to disable the link?
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    OrionThemes replied


    Yes it is possible.
    Dentalia supports two types of team management. 

    1. If you do not need the single team member pages, you can choose "simple team" instead of "team as post type". This setting can be found in Theme options -> General -> Settings:


    2. After you've changed this setting, there will be a new, Simple team widget available in the Page builder. The current one will disappear. 

    Basically both team widgets look visually the same on the front end. The difference is only the optional link and the way of adding the content. If you choose the "Simple" option, you will be able to add image and description into the widget directly, also the order in which team members are displayed is much easier to manage. The only downside of using the simple team option is, that you will need to add the image and description of team members again. 
    If you would like to link just some of the team members to their own page, you will still be able to create a normal page for them and add a link to it manually inside the new widget.

    I hope this helps. 
    Kind regards,