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White Page of Death


  • jenfleisher started the conversation

    I am unable to edit my homepage - when I try, I get a blank white screen. I tried updating to Dentalia 1.7 and keep getting an error message that the stylesheet is missing. I had to revert my site to an earlier saved version to keep it functional. Thanks so much for helping me!

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    OrionThemes replied


    The error message that the stylesheet is missing is usually caused when you try to upload the whole package file, which beside the theme includes also some other things. So what you can do is unzip this file first. Inside there should be the theme file, which you need. 

    About the blank white screen, it is hard to tell what causes it, most probably a combination of very old theme version and a new plugin version?

    After you update:

    I see you are using 1.2.x version. This is an old version which still uses the old custom style framework. When you update to new theme, make a change in theme options, like changing header type, then change it back. This will get all your old theme settings back (like colors, etc). themeoptions-settings.gif

    Let me know how it goes.