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Id like to use different logo for specific page


  • deejayspeejays started the conversation


    I would like to change the logo only on this page - http://www.dillonjones.net/American-Dental/services/pediatric-dentistry/

    All pages keep the same logo as main one, except for one single page.

    Can you let me know how I can make this happen?

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    OrionThemes replied


    You might be able to solve this by using the "light logo" option. 

    In Theme Options -> Logo there is possible to upload a light and a dark logo. Currently you use the "dark logo". Upload the second logo as a "light logo". Then on the page edit screen set the page to use the light logo instead of default:


    It is not the most elegant solution, but the only one I can think of, which doesn't require coding.

    If you however don't mind writing some php code, then you can check the orion_get_logo() function in framework/helpers.php. You can simply overwrite it by placing it into functions.php file inside a child theme, then check if is_page([id of your page]) and set the logo path manually for this specific page id.... if this makes any sense...

    I hope this helps,