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Multifile Upload Issue on Contact Form


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    techm8in started the conversation


    I am using Multifile Plugin with Contact Form 7, on testing the form the uploads are just working.  Even if I attach one file and click on submit button, it just keep loading without any message, then the Captcha gives timeout error.

    The form is just not getting submitted.

    I need to have multiple upload facility on the form, kind suggest a solution.

    Thanks in advance!


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    OrionThemes replied

    Hi Abbas,

    The issue is not really theme related, but most probably server related.

    To resolve the issue, I recommend you try to find out what is causing it:

    1. Compatibility issues:
    To test the theme, you can temporary switch to WordPress default theme like Twenty seventeen and try the form again. If it works, then it is our themes fault. If it doesn't hen it isn't.

    To test if it is the captcha's fault, disable it and check again it is working or not.

    Also various security plugins could cause this. Try disabling them, if you use any.

    2. Server tests
    On the server side, You might need to contact your hosting provider to set the settings for you. But here is a short recap of what I think that could cause this:

    If you are using this plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/multifile-upload-field-for-contact-form-7/
    Then you might want to check if ZipArchive() is installed on your server, as the plugin requires it.

    in php you can test this with 

    if (class_exists('ZipArchive')) {
    echo 'ZipArchive is installed';

    You also might want to check other server settings as well, to make sure everything runs smoothly. The settings in php.ini like max_execution_time, memory_limit, upload_max_filesize and post_max_size should not be set too restrictively. They all can influence what filesize your WordPress will handle.

    3. If none of this helps, you can also check the error log message for a hint on what is causing the issue, or contact the plugin author on the support here: https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/multifile-upload-field-for-contact-form-7

    Kind regards,

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    techm8in replied

    Hello Andrej,

    Thank you for very much for your valuable guidance.

    It was infact the ZipArchive() issue, its fixed now.

    Highly appreciate your prompt and efficient response.

    Thanks again.