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How can I edit "The Team" page?


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    bosscube started the conversation

    Hi, I'm not sure how to edit the team index page. I am using the team post type because I want each team member to have their own page. I can modify each team member's own page, but I cannot modify the index page that lists all team members. It appears to display them in the order they were added into the system, and I want to change that. I also want to show the departments they belong to, but NOT link to them. For now I am using custom CSS to disable the links, but obviously it's only going to work for modern browsers. Any help with how to edit the team index page? There are also widgets on the team index page that I want to remove (E.g. Google Map).

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    OrionThemes replied


    Team members can be used in two ways. 

    1. As post type (which you are using now)
    2. Just as a widget and using standard pages for the team members.

    You can switch between these two options in Theme Options.

    1. Team as post type. 

    The post type of team version is very similar to WordPress posts, you get the index page and the departments page (like categories). 

    The template file which is used for displaying the departments and the team index page is archive-team-member.php, which calls the templates/posts/post-types/team-member-archive.php and this one calls the templates/parts/team-part_excerpt.php 
    Basically you could  copy this template files to your child theme and customize them.

    However even if you modify this template files, there is still a problem with turning the prefooter off (where your Google map is ). This would require to modify also the footer.php template file.

    I am not sure that it is worth it, honestly. I think in this case using Simple team is better.

    2. Simple Team 
    Instead of customising all of the template files, you could 

    1. Create a standard page for one of the team members, using page builder.
    2. Then just clone the layout for all other doctors (click on the "Layouts" then "clone") and just replace the content.

    3. You can display the team members with the Simple team widget, where you can manually enter all the data you need to and link each team member to their own page (which you've created with page builder in step 1 and 2 ). 

    4. This will ditch the departments view and the team index view. If you need the team index page, you can build it manually using Page builder and the (simple) team widget. It also allows you to add departments as normal text. Here is how the Simple team widget edit screen looks like:

    You can also turn off the prefooter on each page on the page edit screen (where your Google map is): 


    Overall I think using simple team would work better for you, because you can still link the doctors to their own page, you don't need to work around department pages and the index page and overall you have the freedom to create the single team member layout exactly as you want it to be...
    The downside of this approach is that you'll need to redo the team again... Really sorry about this, but personally I think it is worth it.

    Let me know if you need additional info.

    Kind regards,

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    bosscube replied

    This is an incredibly detailed response, thank you very much!! I will switch to using simple as suggested and see how it goes. 

    Thanks again for the incredible support!