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Editing Contact Form


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    DrRyanMorrison started the conversation

    How do I edit the contact forms in my webiste? I want to make sure that when a customer fills one out, they will be sent to the right email. When I click contact form in my home page, it's blank.

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    OrionThemes replied


    You can create and edit the existing contact forms under "Contact". The plugin used is Contact Form 7 plugin. 

    In the widget (from tour screenshot) you can only select which form to display. 

    If you imported the demo, you should already have couple of Contact Form 7 examples. You can modify the existing ones by adding/removing the fields under "Form", then just make sure this fields under the "mail" tab match the ones under "form", so you get the entered data on mail.

    Let me know if you have further questions regarding contact forms.

    Kind regards,

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    DrRyanMorrison replied


    How do I know which of these contact forms is linked to which page on my website? (first attachment)

    Is the "To" section where I want the emails to be sent to when a customer fills out a form? Why is there a red error box arund the "from" section? (second attachment)

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    OrionThemes replied

    Each contact can be on multiple pages. You can't check on which pages it is included, however you can check which form is on a specific page, by editing the page and open the settings for the CF7 widget.  For example on the screenshot from your first reply you can see this is a "Front Page Form" selected.

    The error explanation is just below the field mark with the red. It also links to further explanation, if you click it. 

    Basically it says the from field needs to have a valid email. Instead of [email-777] tag, add the email with your own domain name, like noreply@yourdomain.com (change it to your domain name).