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  • anhtuan4 started the conversation

    Hi Support,

    Revolution Sliders slides are not working. I have updated the theme, updated Revolution and no success.

    I have disabled my cache plugin, de-activated my non-siteorigin plugins as well and still no luck.

    Can you please advise.

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    OrionThemes replied


    I can see the site takes really long to load. Also the images load very slowly. Which seems like a server configuration issue.

    When I ping your domain, the response time is very long and sometimes it times out. Here are the results for your server:

    For comparison, If I ping one of the sites (this one is on another continent), the result I get is:

    and if I ping another one which is in my home country, the result are:

    So the server response time in your case is 300 - 500 milliseconds and sometimes it times out. This is way too much. 

    Such slow speed can lower your Google rankings, as the speed is one of the Google search ranking factors. 

    This results don't have anything to do with the WordPress or the theme, but they indicate there is something wrong with your server configuration. For your website to work properly, you will need to resolve the server issue with your hosting provider.

    Please also make sure you are running a secure php version (at least 5.6, php 7.x is recommended) and that there are enough resources assigned to the server.

    To make absolutely sure that the theme isn't to blame for the revolution slider not working, I recommend a test:
    You can temporarily switch to one of the WordPress default themes and see if the Revolution slider starts working or not.

    Kind regards,