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Sidebar creation and page set up


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    alaskadoc started the conversation


    I have been able to create custom sidebars with the sidebar creator and widgets.  I am having trouble determining how to place a sidebar into a page.

    my questions are.

    1. how do I go about changing the settings of a specific page so that the size of a side bar can be eliminated or changed?

    2. How do I enter a sidebar into the area created in question 1 above?

    Thank You,

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    alaskadoc replied

    I have determined how to add a sidebar into a page.

    please see the following page that I have added identical left and right sidebars to.


    there is " unused" space on the left of the left sidebar and on the right of the right sidebar. How can I use this open space.?

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    OrionThemes replied


    The size of the sidebar can't be changed. A page/post can either have it or doesn't. Sidebars are mostly used on those pages/posts, which aren't built with the page builder, but with a classic editor.

    If you want finer layout control on your page, you can use page builder layout instead of sidebars.

    On each edit post screen, there are the settings for the sidebars:

    If you set it to -- None -- This means, no sidebar. So in the example on the screenshot, there is a site with a right sidebar (default sidebar will be used).

    Widget are placed into this sidebars in the Appearance -> Widgets.

    I hope this helps,