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    How do I put the team members in the order that I want?

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    OrionThemes replied


    In Theme Options -> Settings there is an option where you can switch between:

    1. Simple team
    2. Team as a post type.

    Visually both look pretty much the same. However there are couple of differences in funtionality:

    1. Simple team does not support departments (you can add a department, but it won't link anywhere). While the Team member can optionally link to a separate page. Simple team members can be reordered any way you want them to be. All of the team member editing is done through "Simple team member widget". This option works best for smaller teams. 

    2. Team as post type will generate the single team member pages and departments. It is meant for larger teams. It is useful if you want to list the team members by departments on special department pages. The editing is done in the Team member post type and all the content is then displayed in the Team widget automatically. There are four different possibilities for reordering them:

    And you can choose  between Ascending and Descending order.

    Which option to choose?

    If you don't necessarily need the department pages, then I would suggest to use the Simple team functionality. This will allow you to set the order easily. If you (your client) needs the departments, then choose the "Team as post type" option. Sadly the ordering isn't as simple here, but it is still possible. 

    How to arrange the team members as post type (2nd option) in a custom order?

    Under Widget settings, set the ordering to Modified and  Descending order. This will put the team member which you modified the last on the first place. After you've set  this, edit the team member you want to put infront (change content and save),  This team member, will now be on the first place in the widget.  After you edit another team member, this one will take the first place, and the previous will be moved to the second place. 

    Converting the team member post types to normal pages

    If you already built the layouts for single team member pages with page builder, but then decide to use the simple team member(1.st option), you might need to add all the content again. To save some time, you can export the layouts to normal pages before switching to "Simple team". This way you will be able to link to this pages from the Simple team widget. Here is a short video on how to import the layout: http://jmp.sh/kMEjYqD

    I hope all this this makes any sense. 
    Let me know, if you need further help on the issue.

    Kind regards,