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    We love all the widgets you have available!  However, once we delete it from the original theme, it's hard for us to find it again.  We have to use "trial and error"  and add to see if that's the right one, and if not, delete it add a different one until we find the one we want. 

    Is there a way to see all the widgets you have and what they look like without having to add/delete on the page?  If not, it would great if you could make a page of  your widgets and screenshot or actually show each widget.  

    Thank you!

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    OrionThemes replied


    The best place for getting to know the widgets is Dentalia Theme Documentation. There is entire section on the widgets here: http://orionthemes.com/documentation/dentalia/#widgetsection

    Some good examples (with variations) of the most useful widgets can be found on the demo under the "Elements" menu item. 

    These pages are imported with the demo too, so if you imported the demo content after installation, you can browse through them and then copy the entire row with widgets and layout settings (right click on row and choose "copy row", video here: http://jmp.sh/r7T0TWM), and simply paste it to the pages you are working on. This is useful so you have a good starting point, then you can adjust the styling as needed. 

    I hope this helps,