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Siteorgin & Page Builder Addons


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    David started the conversation
    I'm looking for additional Addons/Widgets that are compatible with your templates and the Page Builder editor.  Do you have any recommendations?

    Fancy Boxes

    Flip Boxes

    Google Reviews


    Advanced Social Media Plugins

              Display facebook timeline
              Show twitter feeds etc.....

    Thanks again!

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    OrionThemes replied

    Hi David,

    With Page builder you can basically include any widget anywhere. Any plugin which follows WordPress coding standards, should work just fine with the theme. In some cases some styling adjustments might be needed though. 

    For the flip boxes, you might want to check the widget bundle from CodeLights:  https://wordpress.org/plugins/codelights-shortcodes-and-widgets/ 

    There are plenty of Social Media plugins available on WordPress.org. 
    Sadly I personally don't have much experience with twitter or Facebook timeline widgets. So I can't really recommend any particular one. Any feedback on which one you'll end up using, will be much appreciated.

    Kind regards,