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Temporarily Hide Row or Widget


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    David started the conversation

    How can I temporarily disable a row or a widget from showing on the page without deleting it (Live Editor).  I'm assuming it must be some kind of CSS code to display:none or something similar.

    Do you have a comprehensive list of CSS overrides that can be used within the template?    hide on mobile, hide on tablet, hide on desktop, change font style etc....


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    OrionThemes replied

    Hello David,

    HIDING ROWS: You can temporarily hide a row by changing the Mobile, Tablet and Desktop display options to "hide" in row "Responsive options" (see screenshot). This way you can display a row on desktop only and hide it on mobile devices.

    Another option to hide the row is to add display:none; to the CSS Styles field in row "Attributes". This works with widgets too.

    CSS CLASSES:  I will prepare a list of Dentalia CSS classes tomorrow in the office and send it to you.

    Kind regards,

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    OrionThemes replied

    Hi David,

    You were asking for HTML classes, which you can use with the theme.

    You can find them here: http://orionthemes.com/knowledgebase/html-classes-cheatsheet/

    I hope this helps,