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Changing text


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    pedrostars started the conversation

    Good morning, Im trying to find where I can change the text "GET A QUOTE" fromm the top right side of our site. http://sungtelrecycling.com can you please explain how I could do that?


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    OrionThemes replied


    Our theme consists of global options which can be set in Theme options. Many of this options, can also be modified locally on each page/post. This way you can set the defaults for the theme (in Theme Options), then if needed you can adjust the settings for each page. This also applies to the "GET A QUOTE" CTA button in the header.

    1. The Header CTA button can be set in Theme Options -> Header -> Menu Elements ->  CTA button. Then it can also be overwritten on each page if needed.

    1.1 Global settings in Theme Options: 

    1.2 Local settings on Page edit screen: 

    Please let me know if this answers your question.

    Kind regards,