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One Page Site Option


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    pedrostars started the conversation

    Im trying to activate the option for the site to be only one page and Its not working, can you please take a look at why this could be happening?

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    OrionThemes replied


    Recycle supports One-Page functionality. Sadly we don't have an importable One-Page demo yet, just the classic one. But you can convert your demo into One-Page.

    To use Recycle as One-Page, you need to take couple of steps:

    1. Each Page Builder row which you want to link in the menu needs to have a unique id assigned:

    Here is an example how to add ID to the Services row:

    2. After you assign the id's then go to Appearance Menus and add a new menu item (as custom link). To link to the content you should add the hashtag before your row id. In our case it is #services:


    If there are other pages on your website (not purely One-Page), then you should add the link with full url:  http://sungtelrecycling.com/site/#services instead of just #services.

    The final result: 

    I hope this helps. 

    Kind regards,

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    pedrostars replied

    Thank You!!!