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Mobile Image Quality Loss


  • rokdijital started the conversation

    Hi, the images on my website looks pixelly, but on desktop it is normal sized. How can you help me?

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    OrionThemes replied


    Usually the reason for this is, that the uploaded images are too small.

    I noticed it on your team members.For example the image of Dr. Esra Zeyrek Eng is only 238px x 352px, which is OK for desktop, where they are displayed four in a row. However on mobile they are displayed one in a row and the image is too small which causes pixelation.

    All portrait images should be minimum 555px x 740px to avoid any pixelation.  Full size images should be at least  1140px wide and all the other images should be at least 750px wide. They will be resized to smaller images automatically when only small images are needed. 

    I hope this helps,