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remove button not working


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    carnavat started the conversation

    Hi There,

    I bought another Recycle theme and just noticed something. When I go to use SiteOrigin Editor I try to click on the "Remove" button next to background image and it doesn't remove.    I don't want the background and am  not sure what to do.

    Screenshot attached. Please advise and thanks!


    Attached files:  Recycle-Remove-Issue.png

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    OrionThemes replied

    Hi Carlos,

    I assume that you are tying to edit this part of the demo:

    There is no background image applied here. What you need to do in order to get rid of the coloured background is:

    1. Edit the row. (wrench icon in top right corner).

    2. Click on the first column/cell. This will bring up additional settings -> Cell 1 Styles

    3. Remove the primary-color-bg class from Cell Styles -> Attributes -> Cell Class.

    Sorry if this caused any confusion. Cell styles were introduced a couple of months back and we had to rebuild the demo using the new options. If you run into similar "issues" when you cannot change a certain background, then it is probably applied to the cell. 

    In some cases we used classes to set the background color of a cell, so that upon changing theme colors the cell color will adapt as-well.

    I hope this helps. And if you need any more assistance, I'm here to help.

    Kind regards,


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    carnavat replied

    That makes sense - super simple, thank you!

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    OrionThemes replied

    You're welcome.