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modified team?


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    Joshuawyborn1 started the conversation


    A little while ago I was looking how to change the I teams departments around so that dentist is always first. now eh update see that there is a  "modified" order.. what exatcly is this and how do I use it as I can see anything else that relates to it?



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    OrionThemes replied

    Hi Josh,

    if you choose to order the team by "modified", They will be ordered by the modified date - the time it was last edited... 

    You can use this in your advantage, if you want to display a certain team member first:

    1. You can choose to order them by "MODIFIED" and "DESCENDING". 
    2. Then you just edit the team member's description and save it.

    The last one edited will be displayed first.

    It is a bit hackish way to reorder them, but it works.

    Kind regards,