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How to update theme


  • Jose Cruz started the conversation

    Received email to update theme.  Please help with this since I do not want to loose everything I've done so far if I make a mistake.  Still learning all this WordPress stuff.



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    OrionThemes replied

    Hi Jose.

    This is how I usually update WordPress themes:

    1. Disable all wordpress caching plugins (if you use any).

    2. Download the latest theme version from ThemeForest

    3. Unzip dentalia.zip file to your desktop, rename the folder /dentalia/ to /new_dentalia/

    4. Login to your server with FTP, navigate to your WordPress installation

    5. Copy your new_dentalia from your desktop to  /wp-content/themes/ on your server.

    6. On the server, rename the /dentalia/ folder to /old_dentalia/ 

    7. On the server,  rename /new_dentalia/ to /dentalia/.

    Check the site. If everything is OK, delete /old_dentalia/

    If something goes wrong (it shouldn't), then just rename the folders back and your site will work again.

    If you have further questions, or require additional help, let me know. 

    Kind regards,