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The "Read More" tag in site editor not working


  • Jose Cruz started the conversation

    I'm working in the Dental Faq page. The very first faq answer is pretty lengthy so I wanted to insert the "Read More" tag after the first paragraph.  When I inserted the code (using Orion Site Editor) it displays the ________More_________ tag in the editor but when I view it live, there is no button.  Is there another step I need to take.  I'm used to other templates inserting the read more button and also automatically linking the rest of the content to another page.

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    OrionThemes replied


    In the SiteOrigin Editor widget, the "Read More" tag will not work.

    But there are two possible ways to link to your page:

    1. Use the "Featured pages" Widget instead, it was made for this purpose only.
    Check how to do it here: 

    2. If you prefer to use the Editor Widget, then just add the excerpt, then add a Button widget beneath the Editor Widget. In the button settings click "Select content" to choose a page you want to link to. 

    Please let me know if this helps.