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  • indianau32 started the conversation

    What is the easiest way to keep the theme and format of all the pages from the drop down nav bar and edit the content AFTER the nav bar and links have been set up by an independent contractor?  http://hearherefl.com I've tried to rename the pages to a page that was already created in dentalia but that doesn't work.  See example below: 



    I need to add content to all of the individual pages and there has to be an easier way.

    Thanks in advance...new to editing in WP so sorry if this is basic...

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    OrionThemes replied


    I am not sure I understand correctly, but let me try to answer.

    If you are asking about how to manage main menu navigation:

    After you log in to your WordPress, you can edit the menu links in Appearance -> menus. If you have multiple menus, make sure you are editing the primary menu. Here you can remove any existing page or link a new page, you've created.

    However the link you've sent http://hearherefl.com/hearing-service/hearing-testing-evaluation/ seems pretty odd. How was this content generated? Was it imported from somewhere, was it build with a different theme? 

    Please explain the issue a bit more in detail, so we can help you resolve it.

    If you give us admin username and password, we can take a look at this. Please send it in a Private ticket not Public.

    Kind regards,