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Translate Blogs, contact, buttons, elements


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    yunaima started the conversation


    We're working with your theme and until now it was really easy to work with, thanks! is a really nice theme.
    our website is in French and almost finished, but we need to translate a few elements left and we do not where to find them.
    Can you please help us to find the place to translate them? here are the items to translate :
    Breadcrumb : "home" need to be remplace by the french word :"accueil"
    Blog Section :
    Buttons : "read more" need to be in french.
    Navigation : "previoust post", "next post" need to be in french.
    Some elements in the blog descrption like : "by", "in", "share"

    Thanks and have a good day

    Yunaima & Florine

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    OrionThemes replied

    Hi Yunaima & Florine 

    To translate strings like "share", "read more", "next posts", etc in the theme, you can use a free Loco Translate plugin. Here we wrote a tutorial on it.

    Kind regards, Andrej

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    yunaima replied

    This works ! thanks a lot :)