Black Screen Issue: Please update your theme to ensure WordPress 5.6 compatibility. Dentalia 2.1 and Recycle 2.1 are now available on ThemeForest. 


Resolved: WordPress 5.6 Issues with Recycle and Dentalia Themes

Dentalia 2.1 and Recycle 2.1 are now available on ThemeForest. Please update your theme to the latest version, to ensure WordPress 5.6 compatibility. 

There appears to be an incompatibility with WordPress 5.6 which needs to be fixed on our end. We are already working on urgent theme updates and will try to release them ASAP. Please don't update to WordPress 5.6 until we do.

If you already updated WordPress:

Use the jQuerry Migrate Helper plugin: and set the jQuerry Version to Legacy. This will solve the issue, but note that this is only a temporary solution.


We will keep you updated and let you know as soon as the new theme versions are ready!

The Orion Team